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Roupala Montana (Lacewood)

Roupala Montana (Lacewood)

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Processing: planed on 4 sides.

Dried: KD (8-10%)

Delivery: In stock 1-5 working days, otherwise 5-14 days.

Information about this type of wood:

Roupala Montana is another rainforest treasure. It is a heavy, dark red type of wood with spotted or lacy drawings. This drawing arises from the broad medullary rays of the trees. All trees have these rays radiating from the central pith; they have to do with the way trees store nutrients. At Roupala Montana these rays are particularly clear. You can see them best in the longitudinal section of wood, where they appear as light brown or gray lines. Several other wood species exhibit similar markings, including lacewood and the Australian native silk oak (also occasionally sold as Roupala Montana). Of the three, Roupala Montana is the darkest and heaviest.

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