Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do we sell custom-made wood and not always the entire plank?

Early in my carpentry career I always bought long length planks. I then (very clumsily) took these planks with me in my too small car to immediately saw them in half at home in the workshop.

There wasn't really a solution. Many wood sellers only sell long planks and are not willing to shorten or cut them in half for you.

We do this! and you only pay for the piece, or pieces, that you take with you.

Another advantage of selling smaller lengths: it can easily be done by parcel post! This saves considerably on shipping costs.

Select planks for your order. How do we do that?

I (David, owner) have a lot of experience in the wood world. When buying wood, I pay attention to whether the wood is not bent to the side (banana), how much sapwood there is and where the knots are located. We also try to do this as best as possible with your order. So that you can get the most out of the wood supplied.

You can always help us a little by leaving a comment with your order. Feel free to tell us what you are going to make with it and which sizes are really important to you.

My delivered wood is damaged, bent or has scuff marks! What now?

Wood is an organic material. It moves. You can even say it breathes. Wood is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. And especially if you change quickly. Wood absorbs moisture from the air. Then it turns off. It also loses moisture: then it shrinks. These movements in the wood can cause it to crack.

You also have to deal with drying wood in a drying chamber. This process builds up tension in the wood. As soon as you conceive it, this tension is released.

Because we process small pieces, the wood may develop a crack after sawing or planing. This can be very small. But as soon as it is transported (outside -> car -> sorting center -> car -> your home) this crack can spread.

This is of course not desirable. We are trying to find a way around this. This just hasn't turned out to be that easy! Should your order contain wood that is cracked? Feel free to send us a message. Then we look for a solution.

It is also possible that fibers have been pulled out during planing. This mainly happens if you plane wood in the wrong direction. Now sometimes this cannot be prevented. Think of a knot. Around this the cousin goes in 2 different directions.

To prevent this, we use a certain planing speed for each type of wood. We also ensure that our knives are always well sharpened and therefore sharp. However, it can still happen occasionally. Please let us know if it is hindering you in completing your project.

Why is my delivered wood 150mm instead of 160mm?

Wood is always different. A choice will always have to be made in terms of quality combined with the sizes it has. Over time we have learned that some things are worth the risk and some things are not.

The fact that we sometimes make a choice for you is based on experience that it can be used in 95% of the cases. We take the other 5% as a risk, but if it is not convenient, make sure that we exchange it free of charge if it is not to your liking. Are we in doubt? Then we will call you before we send it!