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Elm planks - Planed

Elm planks - Planed

Length (+- 20mm)
Width (0.2mm accurate)
Thickness (0.2mm accurate)
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Processing: planed on 4 sides.

Dried: KD (8-10%)

Delivery: In stock 1-3 working days, otherwise 7-10 working days.

Information about this type of wood:

Ring-pore wood. Growth rings are striking because of the large early wood vessels, which gives the wood an attractive flame pattern but makes the grain coarse. Elm wood is solid, tough, fairly light and usually even in structure. Canadian Elm or Rock Elm is heavier, harder, stronger and tougher than European Elm. Japanese Elm is similar to European Elm, but is more even in color and has more shine. It is finer in structure, slightly softer and also easier to work with. American Elm is occasionally offered on the market. The heartwood of European Elm is light brown to dull dark brown, sometimes with a greenish sheen. The sapwood is yellow-white. The heartwood of Soft Elm is light gray-brown to pink-brown, the broad sapwood is gray-white to light brown. The heartwood of Red Elm is reddish brown to dark brown colored with narrow gray white to light brown sapwood. Due to Dutch elm disease (caused by a fungus that kills the tree after a few years), the European elm population has declined drastically. which means that elm wood is rarely offered.

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