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Processing: planed on 4 sides.

Dried: KD (8-10%)

Delivery: In stock 1-5 working days, otherwise 5-14 days.

Information about this type of wood:

The heartwood is tan to chocolate brown with grayish to almost black streaks or flames. The outer heartwood appears to be more intensely colored than the inner. Dark wood with black veins is therefore more common in older trees than in younger ones. In view of the above, the markings of ovangkol can vary widely from gray, nutty to beautifully flamed and/or veined. The sapwood, which grows to 40-80 mm wide, is grayish yellow in color, becoming grayish after drying. When fresh, the wood has an unpleasant sour odor that gradually disappears after drying. Ovangkol is somewhat similar to mutenye, but differs from it in that its color is more yellow, while mutenye's color leans toward pink. In general, ovangkol can be characterized as a type of wood that resembles walnut, mutenye or benge, Queensland walnut and sometimes even teak.

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