Collection: Sapele - Planed

Heartwood pink-red, later discolouring to deep red-brown. The clearly distinguishable spider mite, which can be a maximum of 60-80 mm wide, has a gray-pink or yellow-pink color. The heartwood often has a beautiful golden sheen, as is also the case with the Swietenia mahogany varieties. The crosshair, which is usually found in sapeli, causes the stripe pattern of alternating dark and light bands that is so characteristic of this African wood species, from the mahogany family, on the quarterly surface. The distance between these bands is often very regular (this distinguishes sapeli from sipo) and varies from very narrow (often in Nigeria sapeli) to quite wide (for example in aboudikro). Another characteristic that distinguishes sapeli from other mahogany is its cedar-like scent. Deviations in the direction of the thread sometimes create beautiful figurations known by names such as moired, apple, drapé and the like.