Collection: American Hard Maple - Planed

American Maple is a beautiful clear wood with a white to creamy color that turns light yellow when exposed to daylight. To prevent this discolouration, special varnishes and/or bleaches are used. There is little or no color difference between maple heartwood and sapwood. In general, the wood has a uniform structure. Due to a fairly sharp boundary of the growth rings, a fine stripe pattern can usually be observed on the quarter-length surface and a modest flame pattern on the plain surface. Characteristic are the small mirrors on the quarter-hour surface and the slightly silky shine. Older trees may have a brownish core or dark brown stripes. This also applies to American soft maple, which is approximately 25% softer than hard maple. The color of hard and soft maple strongly depends on the place of origin. The heart of old trees of this species is also often darkly discoloured. Maple spots can occur in maple, caused by insects.